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For the safety and security of everyone at Primp & Play, each dog that comes to our facility must be up to date on all of our required vaccines. For grooming, we only require the Rabies vaccine. If you want use our Play Day or Stay service, then we would need to see proof of the Rabies, DHPP (Distemper), and Bordatella vaccines, as well as proof of a Fecal test within the past year with a negative result. If any of these are missing or expired, Primp & Play cannot accept that dog until all requirements are up to date.


In addition, all dogs coming for Play Days or Stays must be spayed/neutered and have to pass our Sociability Assessment, in which we look for any signs of aggression.


During our Play Day, your dog has the opportunity to meet, sniff, run, romp, rest and bond with other dogs; and there is simply no substitution for that. Our Social Supervisors are always present to maintain a fun but peaceful environment. Additionally, to create this type of atmosphere, all breeds and personalities must first pass our sociability assessment. We strive to create a structured doggy day care atmosphere; one in which an extrovert and an introvert can develop better social skills.  If your dog is social, but excitable, or hyper, then Primp & Play will help them learn limits, boundaries and impulse control.  If your dog is fearful or shy, then our day care program will allow them to grow and mature socially. No matter your dog’s personality, Primp & Play knows that an enjoyable yet disciplined environment will be of great benefit.


Our Doggy Dens are designed to provide the most comfort for your dog.  Canines are den animals and prefer to rest in snug quarters.  This gives them the same effect as a child sleeping under their blanket -- it offers a sense of security.  That is the effect we have created with our dens.  Your dog will feel right at home. We assign your dog to a den based on their size to ensure maximum coziness.  Each den is furnished with a brand new raised Kurunda bed, a blanket and bowls for food and water.  Meals are included in the price of boarding but you are welcome to bring your own food if your dog is on a special diet or has a sensitive stomach. You are also welcome to bring your own bedding or toys. We highly recommend that you bring something with a familiar scent on it from home -- like a towel or a t-shirt -- to keep in the den with your pup. But, you can leave your worries at home, knowing that your furry friend is in good hands at Primp & Play.



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