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Boarding / Daycare:


Are small dogs and large dogs seperated ? 

   Here at Primp and Play we do not believe in seperating dogs, All our dogs entering must be able to co exist with small and large dogs. All dogs must go thru an interview to assess their temperment. 


Will my dog be alone at night ? 

  Yes each dog that is boarding will be in their own individual den. 


Do you take dogs on individual walks ?

  We do not do individual walks as our store is located on a busy street. We have our own fenced in backyard area where we take dogs out side. 


How many times will my dog go outside ? 

 Dogs are taken out every hour or so. 


How many dogs are in the day care rooms at a time ? 

  Although we will try to accomidate all dogs, there are times when the day care may be full and we will have to turn away customers. For this reason we ask that owners call in a head to assure a spot for their dogs. 


Do you have half days ?

  We do not do half days but we do offer an hourly service up to 4 hours. 


Is water available for my dog ? 

  There is water readily available at all times, also each dog that is boarding has fresh water in their dens. 


Will my dog receive lunch or dinner ?

  We can provide your dog lunch or dinner for a fee, or you may bring your dogs own food and we will glady feed them. 


Can I see where my dog will be staying ? 

  Yes, please give us a call and we can set up a time for you to take a tour of the facility. 


If there is a medical emergency will what will you do with my dog? Will i be contacted? 

 In response to medical emergency no matter how big or small we will contact the owners immediately. If it is a serious emergeny we will take them to our vet (Fort Lee Animal Clinic) up the street. 


What are your vaccination/health requirements?

 All dogs must be up to date on vaccines for daycare and boarding. For grooming each dog must be up to date on their rabies vaccine. Any dog that shows up without required vaccines will be denied service. 





Do you only groom one appointment at a time?

 We groom only by appointment to assure that each dog gets in and out in a timely manner. 


Will my dog be with other dogs ?

 All dogs that come in for grooming will be in the grooming area only. If you would like we can put your dog into day care, but you will be charged the daycare rate. 


Do you put cotton balls in my dog's ears ?

 To minimize water from getting into your dog's ear we put cotton balls inside. This helps with preventing ear infections.


Will you be using a leash around my dogs neck ?

 We will not use a leash around your dogs neck while they are being groomed. Instead we use the seatbelt method where the leash is placed across your dogs chest. 


Can my I leave my dog after they are finished being groomed ? 

 We ask that all dogs being groomed be picked up within a hour of getting a phone call. We do this for the dog as the longer they wait the more stressed out they can get. If you need more time picking up your dog you may be charged the hourly rate of daycare. 


My dog hates getting his/her nails cut, how will you be able to do this ? 

 If your dog does not like getting their nails cut or any other service that we provide we will try our best to get as much accomplished. However if your dog seems very stressed out and does not like the process we will stop. We want the dog to have the most comfortable experience possible. 







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